Let me introduce myself

My name is Zsolt Baksa, owner of Backsa’s american staffordshire terrier kennel. Our kennel is located in Olasz, a small city in Baranya county, Hungary.

Since 1994 I have worked with amstaff, since then I keep tabs ont he status of my favourite kind. From 1994 to the middle of the 2000’s my kennel was an active participant in breeding and exhibiting, but after it I had to supend this activity for a while. In 2016 did we decide -this time with the help of my family- to try and get back into the circulation of the amstaff world.

In my opinion, if one wants to archieve proper results in today’s exhibitons, it is neccesary to have a professional „handler team”. To my relief, I work together with people such as Liza Pócs, Beatrix Fábián and Norbi Tibay, whose person is enough guarantee for efficient work.

One of our goal is to own dogs in our kennel, who pass in every regard, primary ours, secondly live up to the expectatios laid before a ’’standard’’ amstaff.

In the long run, I wish to breed Backsa’s amstaff, which in the proper hands, will be a true partner of their owner, and also hold their own anywhere in the wrold’s exhibitons.